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Valentines Surprise
I like to think she's saying something like:

"Honey! You're home early! I brought some of the girls from work home to give you a special surprise! I guess we got carried away and started without you... Happy Valentine's Day!"
A Comic Strip about a Comic Book Store?
A test render for an idea I had about a series of comic strips (posted here on DA) about Nikki and her friends at the Comic Store. It would just be short strips packed with pop culture babble, foul language, and the butter knife sharp wit you've come to expect from a "Appleclips" production, and would be a tie to future comic of a more 'graphic nature'. 

And what's this, it's a new version of 'Clips himself, there to make snarky remarks and flirt with Nikki...
Sandra's Private Wonderland
A just for fun render I did a few weeks ago... Because you don't see a lot of sexy winter themed images...

All I can think when I look at it is "Sure, she looks happy, but what did she do to that poor Ski Instructor...? He probably never knew what hit him!"
Girls and Motorcycles 2
Inspired by 

Mature Content

On the Tracks 002 (Updated) by thomvinson
 and the ensuing conversation I had with Thom about... well, girls on motorcycles. And also there's a train...

Here's (left to right) Lauren, Prudence, Abbey, Hannah, Megan, Nikki, and Chloe
Girls and Motorcycles 1
Inspired by 

Mature Content

On the Tracks 002 (Updated) by thomvinson
 and the ensuing conversation I had with Thom about... well, girls on motorcycles. And also there's a train...

Here's (left to right) Megan, Nikki, and Chloe...

What is your preferred adult comic format 

9 deviants said Large Format Multi Panel (Bigger images are better, but I still want the story)
8 deviants said Large format images series with dialog (One pic at a time, it keeps the story simple)
5 deviants said Mixed format (use what works, where it works)
3 deviants said Tradition Multi Panel (I like it Old School, and with a plot, as long as I can still see the goods)
1 deviant said Large format image series no dialog (Screw dialog, just show me the naughty stuff)
It's been a weird sort of day...

Aside from the absolutely ball grinding day at work...

I found out this morning (here on DA of all places) that Playboy has decided to stop publishing nude photographs...

I'm not sure what their endgame is on this. For my entire life, the whole entire point of Playboy was the pictorials! The magazine was a loving tribute to the beauty of the female form. A venue to appreciate that beauty, on display like a masterful sculpture in a museum. Don't get me wrong. I know the women were heavily made up, lit by professionals, and the photos airbrushed to hide any blemishes. But that was the point. Any woman who graced the pages was preserved in those pages the way they would be in your memory (if you were ever fortunate enough to see them naked in real life that is...) in a perpetual state of loving perfection. (ain't memory great!? And yes, I know that for many it still counts as spank material! And for many, it was there first spank material... Which to me makes it even sadder). Now lets be honest (and yeah, I used to have a subscription) did anybody ever REALLY read the articles? Unless they were about sex, I don't think I ever read a single one all the way through... The naughty cartoons, sure, but to hell with the articles. So if there are to be no more nudes in Playboy, then what the actual hell is the point of the thing. It's a sad thing to see a legend die in your life time...

The other thing on my mind... Star Trek

I know it's weird to think of Playboy and Star Trek in the same train of thought, but bare with me.

Today (September 8) is the 50th anniversary of the Original Star Trek's first airing. I grew up watching reruns of the original series. One of the very first movies I ever owned on home video (that's right, back in the old VHS days!) was Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (my Dad left it when he moved out), I knew it so well that by the time I was six, I could act out the entire movie as though I was there. Then came The Next Generation, I didn't just grow up with it, it grew up with me! And Deep Space Nine, as an black kid growing up in the eighties and nineties, seeing a black lead actor (The Captain) on a Star Trek series almost ranks up there with seeing a black president in my life time in my memories... Any way, all of the shows and movies had something about them that stuck in my mind, filed away under "parts of my childhood that didn't suck" (Yeah. even Star Trek V). Then there were problems (the last couple seasons of Voyager, ENTERPRISE, and of coarse *shutters* Nemesis) and then the reboot. Don't get me wrong. The reboot and it's sequels are fun to watch, I like the casting, the effects, more action...all good. But story wise, they are NOT good Star Trek. They don't make me think, they don't make me reevaluate anything, I didn't learn anything and the more I think about them, the more things I find that kinda piss me off. Anyway, to celebrate the anniversary, the Decades channel is showing a documentary called Star Trek: Beyond the Final Frontier and a BIG part of the show is about the dismantling of Paramount's Star Trek collection (all the costumes, props, models, and what's left of the sets) from the five series and first ten movies for auction at Christie's. Watching so many items that I recognize be cataloged and packaged for shipping... It hit me all at once, the Star Trek I grew up loving is really dead... I knew it was, but part of me never really believed it. Part of me held out hope, that they might return to the original Trek Timeline one day, but now I know it ain't gonna happen...  

It feels like another part of my childhood is gone for good... Getting old really does suck! Why didn't anybody warn me!?!


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